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Privacy policy

File Holder

ZAGUAN24.COM., hereinafter ZAGUAN 24, sited in Ximénez de Enciso 24 street, 41004 (Sevilla), telephone 653 992 387 and email address info@zaguan24.com, is responsible for the files with personal data collected that will be included and processed via this website. These files are duly registered in the General Data Protection Registry of the Spanish Data Protection Agency.

Data Collection

ZAGUAN24 only collects the personal information you provide to us through forms on the website and our email addresses.

Use and Purpose of Collected Data

In www.zaguan24.com the personal data collected are for the purposes listed below, if you don´t agree with any of them can contact us at the email address info@zaguan24.com. The uses and purposes provided are:

Registration and User Management

The information you provide in the registration form will be used to manage users of the website. ZAGUAN24 not accept false records or attempts to impersonate the identity of individuals or businesses. Providing false information on the registration form will involve the automatic removal of the user.

Order Management

When you purchase a product or service in our online store, the data provided will be used to process and bill orders.

Publication Comments

The information you provide through the forms, will be used to manage users and posting comments on our blog.

Third Party Data sharing

ZAGUAN24, will only communicate your personal information to others in the circumstances detailed below data, if you do not agree with any of these assignments can contact us at the email address info@zaguan24.com. The communications provided are:

Communications established in the Law.

Your information will be disclosed to third parties in cases where a statute so provides (government, judicial or administrative authorities ... etc.).

Payment Management.

Your personal information will be disclosed to third parties when necessary for the payment of goods or services purchased (bank and / or financial institutions that own the means of payment).


ZAGUAN24 uses all the appropriate technologies, to protect your data and personal information. Our website is stored on secure servers that are protected against the most common types of attacks. However, we must remind you that there is not invulnerable technology and therefore must put the means at its disposal to maintain the level of security of their data, especially we recommend using strong passwords to access your user account with at least 8 characters to alternate numbers, letters, uppercase, lowercase and special characters. We also recommend that you change your password periodically (at least once a year) and any suspicion that a third party can know, proceed to immediate change.

Data Treatment Management

In the goods or services buying process, it will be mandatory for us to access to files with personal data, so ZAGUAN24 will become the TREATMENT MANAGER, as stipulated in article 12 of the Data Protection Act, when strictly necessary for the provision of contracted services and always on the instructions that the client gives you.

ZAGUAN24 only process the data according to the instructions of the client and it will not be used for other purposes.

In that case, ZAGUAN24 is committed to access and processing the information and personal data files that are accessed in accordance with security measures appropriate technical and organizational nature of data processed or stored, according to security levels established in Royal Decree 1720/2007, or superseding legislation.

After the services delivery, the personal data owned will be blocked and under require, subsequently canceled or returned, like any support or document containing any personal data subject to be processed.


ZAGUAN24 undertakes, pursuant to section 10 Data Protection Act, to secrecy regarding personal data accessed even after the business relationship between the parties and extends this requirement to all staff in your organization who accesses the files.

This duty of confidentiality is also extended to other information other than personal data. However, the customer authorizes ZAGUAN24, for the sole purpose of use as commercial reference, to disclosure of their identifying information and / or logos, as consumer of products and services offered by ZAGUAN24.

This authorization is granted for its inclusion in any advertising campaigns, and as a commercial reference at any media that ZAGUAN24 decides to publish.

Security Measures Applicable to the Processing of Personal Data

1. – Security Level: According to the information supplied by the client, the applicable level by ZAGUAN24 for these files with personal data, will be basic security level, as described in RD 1720/2007.

2.- Scope of Technical and Organisational Security Measures: ZAGUAN24 assures that will apply the technical and organizational measures outlined in this section, same as the functions described in these Terms of Contract

3. - Security Document: ZAGUAN24 assures possessing a Security Document, as provided in art. 88 R.D. 1720/2008.

4. - Manual of Use and Duties: ZAGUAN24 assures that owns and maintains a manual of use and obligations regarding its systems and files with personal data as required by art. 89 R.D. 1720/2007, having been distributed this manual to all staff. ZAGUAN24 agree not to permit access or handling of files with personal data to personnel who have not received a copy of that document.

5.- Incident Record: ZAGUAN24 assures that has an internal Incident Record that meets the requirements established by art. 90 of RD 1720/2007. This register will be used by our staff in order to report any incident related to the security of personal information and data contained in the files containing personal data.

6. - Access Control: ZAGUAN24 is committed to implement in advance at the beginning of their services, many technical and organizational measures necessary to ensure the principles of security and confidentiality of the information accessed as a result of their roles and particularly manifest that meets the following with respect to access control:

  • • Maintains an updated list of users authorized access relationship.
  • • Allows access only to authorized according to the functions assigned to each user.
  • • Establish mechanisms to prevent access to data or resources with rights of authorized.
  • • Access permissions are granted only personnel authorized.

7. - Identification and Authentication: ZAGUAN24 maintains in their systems the following security measures regarding the identification and authentication:

  • • Identification and authentication is personalized.
  • • There is a procedure for the allocation and distribution of passwords, which imposes the use of strong passwords.
  • • Passwords are stored unintelligible.
  • • Passwords are confidential (only known by the user)
  • • Passwords are changed at least once a year.

8. Media Support Management: ZAGUAN24 take the following precautions regarding the brackets with personal data:

  • • Maintain an inventory of media.
  • • Establish a labeling system according to the inventory system that allows further identify the type of information they contain.
  • • Store in a restricted access media authorized
  • • Establish a system of authorization of backup information outputs, including outputs via e-mail
  • • Take specific measures to ensure the confidentiality and security of backed up personal data during transport.

9. - Backups: ZAGUAN24 assures that has a backup system that ensures the recovery of your data in the event necessary, and test the system at least once every 6 months.

10. - Non Automated Files: For documents with personal data to which ZAGUAN24 have access while performing their work, the following measures will be taken:

  • • Maintain documentation in file cabinets, drawers or cabinets that have devices which obstruct its opening.
  • • During the review and processing of documents, the person in charge thereof shall be diligent and preventing unauthorized access.
  • • Only personnel who are authorized will have access to data.

11. - Staff: ZAGUAN24, undertakes to communicate all these obligations outlined their staff, ensuring compliance with these regulations.


The CUSTOMER expressly authorizes ZAGUAN24 for outsourcing data hosting service (hosting) used for the management and delivery of our services. If you want to know the identity of suppliers employed by ZAGUAN24, you can request it through the email address info@zaguan24.com

Exercise of Rights

At any time you may exercise your rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition by sending your application for the exercise along with a copy of official identification document (ID card, driving license or passport) to the e-mail info@zaguan24.com


This Privacy Policy is dated 01.09.2014 and any modification of its terms will be posted on this website.